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ASBO X (Rev. 2)
ASBO X (Rev. 2)
ASBO X (Rev. 2)
ASBO X (Rev. 2)
ASBO X (Rev. 2)
ASBO X (Rev. 2)

ASBO X (Rev. 2)

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MambaFPV has been flying DLQFPV and 8bit Micro frames for the last two years. He came to me with a special request. He wanted to take the 8bit nebula he loved so much but give it a Mambafpv twist. We ended up with a tank, that is cut from 6mm 3k Carbon Fiber. Along with Custom TPU Canopy and TPU arm guards this frame is a beast. Supports 25x25 (whoop style) AIO FC.

Frame has been updated to be even more durable with some modifications made to widen the arms at the base. We also went with a 1mm Mamba inlay on either side to made milling easier for our cutter. All frames still carry a one year warranty as long as your build is within the frame specs. 

MambaFPV Spec Build:

  • FC: Fettec 15a AIO
  • Motors: T-motor f15 6000KV (1106)
  • FPV Camera: RunCam Nano Race
  • VTX: TBS unify nano with linear whip antenna
  • RX: CRSF nano
  • Props: HQ3x3x3
  • Battery: 3s 450mah 

Daddy_Loves_Quads Spec Build:

  • FC: Jhemcu ghf411aio
  • Motors: Emax 1306 4000kv
  • FPV Camera: Caddx Ratel nano
  • VTX: Foxeer Reaper nano with HGLRC mini hammer antenna
  • RX: ELRS 900mhz (FRSKY r9mm)
  • Props: HQ 3x3x3 PC
  • Battery: 4s 650mah

All ASBO X frames come with the following

  • 6mm 3K carbon frame
  • 12 M2 8mm motor mount screws
  • 4 M2 30mm FC and Canopy mounting screws (analog) or
  • 4 M2 16mm FC and Canopy mounting screws (digital)
  • 4 M2 steel nylon lock nuts
  • 4 TPU Arm guards and 1 Canopy (analogy or vista compatible)
  • ASBO X has a 1 year warranty. If you break this tank we will replace it for free.

TPU Replacement Parts: 



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