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DLQ Carnwennan
DLQ Carnwennan

DLQ Carnwennan

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I have always been inspired by unique and different multi-rotor configurations. After seeing several pilots flying the SpaceCityDrone Excalibur frame, I was inspired to design a small ultralight plus configuration quadcopter frame. Thus Carnwennan or King Arthur's dagger was born. 

The frame is cut from 2mm 3k carbon, it features an elongated plus design with front to back measuring 115mm and side to side measuring in at 110mm. There is mounting options for most 1103 motors currently on the market and the frame accepts both whoop style boards and 16x16 stacks. The frame accepts up to 65mm props and has clearance for the most common whoop and toothpick style canopies. 


Frame Type: elongated plus

Size: 115mm x 110mm

Material: 2mm 3K carbon fiber

Weight: Approximately 6.5 grams

Supports most 11xx motors with 65mm props and both whoop and 16x16mm FC

What's Included:

  • Carnwennan frame
  • 4x 16mm M2 steel bolts
  • 4x m2 lock nuts
  • 4x m2 5mm nylon F-F standoff
  • 4x m2 nylon nuts

 My current Carnwennan Build: